The Book Club Questions

If you're using one of my books for your book club-- fear not! I've got questions for you! They can be somewhat spoilery, so please scroll with caution if you haven't finished yet.


Not The Girls You're Looking For

  1. Lulu code switches between multiple cultures. When were places you noticed this transition? Have you ever had to do this in your life? Why or why not?
  2. Sisterhood pops up a lot throughout the novel-- sisterhood through friendships as well as references to fictional sisters. Do you think sisterhood is something you make, like Lulu does, or it something you're given, like the fictional sisters referenced throughout? Why?
  3. Lulu mentions being bullied for her religion prior to the book opening. Is this something that has ever happened to you? What ways do you think that this has shaped the way Lulu sees the world?
  4. Lulu is often pushing back against her mom. Is this something you empathize with? What would you have done differently in her situation?
  5. Characters throughout the story have changing degrees of privilege. What are ways where the levels of Lulu's privilege changes depending on who she is interacting with? Did you notice this when you were reading? Why or why not?
  6. Lulu has family that lives abroad. How does this affect her relationship with them? Do you have family abroad? How do you communicate with them?
  7. Lulu fasts for Ramadan. Is this something you have any experience with? Were her experiences like yours? If not, what did you learn from Lulu's experiences?
  8. Forgiveness becomes important to Lulu-- both within her Arab American community and with her friends at school. Have you ever dealt with having to forgive others? What about earning forgiveness for something you did wrong? Could you identify with Lulu or her friends in these moments?

"Be Cool For Once" from Fresh Ink

  1. What was it like reading a whole anthology full of diverse stories? Just like any other book? Different in some way?
  2. Why do you think having diverse stories is important?
  3. Shirin's favorite band has references to famous historical queens. Do you have a favorite figure from history? Who is it and why?
  4. Also, do you have a favorite band? Would you want your crush to show up at that show unannounced or would you rather go with your best friend?
  5. Shirin says that she's not as brave as her best friend Francesca. Do you find yourself comparing yourself to your friends in this way? Does it help you push yourself to try new things or do you shy away because of this? Why or why not?