Darling International Readers,

First of all, thank you. I'm so amazed every time someone from another country has read one of my books (or messages me about finding a way to read my books). My heart grows three sizes. Your support means the world to me— and yes, that is both a heartfelt statement and an intentional pun.

In case you've got questions about international copies— I thought it'd be helpful for me to provide some information! Right now, the only foreign language territory that my books are available in is Russia.

But take heart! If you'd like to order US copies of my books, you can get them through bookdepository.com— here you can find English language titles, typically with free shipping all over the world (and very likely your country)!

If I didn’t answer your question below, please feel free to send me a note here.


Aminah Mae


To date, you can (or will be able to) purchase my books in the following (non-US) countries:

  • Russia (Publisher: AST Limited https://ast.ru/): Not The Girls You're Looking For

What if I don't live there? Or what if I don't want to wait to purchase one of your books?

If you don't already have your ways of purchasing English-language titles, might I suggest— The Book Depository! They also typically include free shipping to all over the world (and probably your country)!

Why aren’t your books available in print in my language/my country or in digital format on my eReader here?

Alright, since you asked, you're going to get a mini explanation of how publishing works. For most authors, we sell our book rights to a single publisher in a single area. In my case, I've actually sold World English rights. This means, my books are guaranteed to release in North America (usually the US and Canada) in English, and then world English territories at my publisher's discretion. So, it's up to if they can sell to their partners in foreign counties (yes, even in English and even to their sister publishing houses)!

Now— on to foreign language rights. Agents and publishers are out there hustling (seriously, hustling) to sell the books to foreign publishers all over the world— both paper foreign language translations and foreign eRights. This is a multi-step process that involves agents, publishers in the US, foreign language scouts in their individual markets, and foreign language publishers in their own territories.

So the long and the short of it is— international publishing is largely out of my hands. As a writer and a storyteller, trust me, there is nothing more gratifying than knowing a new language territory has agreed to publish my work. And, as a reader who has read many books both in translation and in their original language, I get how frustrating it is to be limited access to a story just because of publishing rights.

I can’t get your book on my eReader in my region, what should I do?

No sarcasm here— print copies of my workI Here's where that link to The Book Depository comes in handy again. Because while you will have to wait (just a minute) for your copy to ship, you won't have to pay for shipping!

Alright, one last thing: I get the temptation to download a pirated version of the eBook from somewhere on the web. I really do. You want to read my book, and you want to read it right this second. Also, as someone who has had items shipped all around the world, I get sometimes books can arrive in a less than ideal state and that's a real bummer.

I just ask, as someone who is still relatively new at this and trying to make a living as an author and as a writer, that you please seriously consider purchasing a printed copy before looking for a pirated copy. The more copies I sell, the more I can continue writing books.

Remember The Book Depository? Did I mention that they have free shipping worldwide?